About Us


Who We Are?

Our studio is privately owned and operated by two Lagree fanatics, we are passionate about sharing this extraordinary workout with our community.

We know from years of personal experience, this workout can truly transform your body and mind. We think you will “LAGREE WITH US!”

 Our Values

We value you, as a member, but more importantly as an individual. We value your mental and physical strength, even on the days you don’t!

When you come to Lagree LG you will be challenged and supported in a inclusive, fun, safe environment.

In our studio, it’s all about you! No competitions, no comparisons, just your personal best each time. We respect your boundaries... but will push you to your limits.

We value diversity in everything: trainers, clients, and fitness levels.

And of course, we value good vibes and positive energy… on and off the Megaformer.


Alli & Christine



15445 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos CA
Los Gatos, CA 90000

(located in the Trilogy Fitness Building across the street from Trader Joes)